We are currently working on the 2017 programme. Please get in touch if you have a topic for us to debate or would like to be involved as a speaker.

If you are interested in taking part please email chris@lewisinsight.com

Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis

Lewis Insight

Chris is a highly regarded and experienced Telecoms Industry Analyst covering the depth and breadth, demand and supply of the ICT sector on a global basis for 30 years. He is one of the few industry analysts who can draw together the many varied technology and business components helping shape telecoms in the context of the future digital marketplace.

Chris is a frequent public speaker at industry and client events around the world with a reputation for honest, sometimes irreverent, insight built on unparalleled understanding of industry evolution and dynamics.

Having been registered blind for over 30 years, he now brings his technology knowledge to help the RNIB and Vision 2020 leverage telecoms and communications technology for the blind and partially sighted community. He has also returned to playing blind cricket with the London Metro team and is continuing with blind golf, tennis and riding tandems - beware in West London!

Graham Wilde

Graham Wilde


Graham is CEO and co-founder of BWCS and leads the Telecommunications and Transport Practices. Graham's psychology degree from Oxford University underpins his ability to build bridges between technologists and their customers, translating the needs and drivers of each to build business success. Graham's approach is grounded in international hands-on experience in telecoms in addition to his prolific international consultancy portfolio.

Graham is visionary in his approach to looking at technology markets and developing new market concepts. His blend of creativity and technical insight has led him to develop innovative services which give his clients real strategic advantage. Recent projects include a successful 3G licence bid in Macau, ISP cost modelling for Ofcom, fibre access deployment strategy for Japan's NTT and marketing strategy for on-train Internet service for the international high speed train operator Thalys. His early career was with Logica and Nortel Asia-Pacific. Graham enjoys playing the drums.